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We have now built a number of these G59 Export Limitation Panels and they are becoming a very popular option. The Export Limitation Panel does what it says on the tin really, it will only allow a SSEG system to export what the DNO will permit.



We are now able to offer two options with export limitation new for this year. We have our standard export limitation method which will restrict export by dropping out inverters once a pre set limit has been reached. Our new additional method for 2016 is our new throttle system which can be used with certain types of inverters for PV Systems. With other systems (as well as PV) such as CHP Plants & AD Plants etc we can also divert load to ensure generation is kept running and as we approach an export limit we can divert excess power to a load such as water heating etc. Please click here to get in touch to see how we can help. Which method is right for you can be dertimined by the export limit you have and the onsite usage.


These days grid connectivity is becoming more and more of a stumbling block for so many projects and our solution can help remove this stubmling block for you. If you have a project you have recently had this issue with give us a call as we will prbably be able to help.


We have a few different ways of how we can restrict your export and below is an example of just one of the ways we can achieve this. There are other solutions we can provide so get in touch to discuss your project and we can tailor a solution to suit you. Just click here to get in touch now.


A good example of one of our more recent panels which is pictured above. The customer wanted a 100Kw Solar PV system but the DNO would only allow a 50Kw system so where as before this would be a stumbling block for customers not anymore. We built them a bespoke G59 panel with Export Limitation controls in. The system was installed with 6 inverters for the 100Kw system and the DNO only wanted a maximum of 72amps export. What we built was a G59 panel and for each inverters outgoing way built in the panel we also installed a contactor for each outgoing way so when the export reached 72amps the G59 panel would stop any additional export back to the DNO.


This technology has been accepted by just about all the DNO's now and we have carried out the relevant tests with several of the protection engineers from the DNO so we can prove to them how our technology will work to the DNO parameters. We incorporate these tests with our normal G59/3 witness tests. We have installed and commissioned these systems in the following DNO areas;

  • UK Power Networks
  • Northern Power Grid
  • SSE (Scotland & Southern England)
  • Western Power Distribuiton (All Areas)
  • Electricity North West


This now enables your customers to maximise their space and have larger systems and not be restricted by what the DNO can accept with export. This also means they can maximise on the feed in tariff which enables larger and larger systems to be installed. Most importantly though this solution is extremely cost effective for your project.


This solution best suits sites with higher usage as when the export limit is reached we are shutting down the additional inverters which will stop producing. The inverters will then regenerate once the system falls back within the export limits set.


If you have any questions on how this works or how this could be incorporated into one of your projects please feel free to get in touch anytime just click here. We have different solutions we can tailor to suit your project so get in touch today and discuss your requirements.


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